Report Builder - Frequently Asked Questions


How does Report Builder work?

Report Builder uses the Salesforce Analytics API to run your existing reports and dashboards. We also allow you to create schedules for your reports and dashboards.

Do I have to recreate all my reports and dashboards in Report Builder - after all the name is Report "Builder"?

No, we use your existing reports and dashboards. The Builder part of the name is really just to match our product naming convention - we also have Web Site Builder and Email Builder. You can also "build" Custom Reports that allow you to work with several of the limitations of the Salesforce APIs, such as the 2,000 row limit.

What about my existing schedules in Salesforce, do you have to set those up again?

Yes, you do have to set those up again. However, when you log in to Report Builder, you can go to a page that lists all of your existing schedules and allows you to easily import those into Report Builder.

How much does Report Builder cost?

Report Builder is free to try for 30 days. The scheduling, emailing and downloading features are disabled after the trial has ended. If you need to setup schedules, you can sign up for a paid plan starting at $15 / month. This price is for your entire organization - meaning we don't charge per user.

How many schedules can I create?

As many as you like. Also, note that with Report Builder one schedule can be set to run for several users. This often means that you won't have to create as many schedules with Report Builder.


Does my data ever leave my Salesforce?

Yes, in order to run the reports we use the Salesforce Analytics API to retrieve your report and dashboard data and display it on the web page or include in an email. If you don't archive your reports, then once we are done rendering the report on screen or creating the file for a schedule, the data is not stored. If you use the report archive function (which is easily configurable on or off), then we store the report output in secure directories dedicated to you.

How do I know my data is secure?

Report Builder runs on Amazon's Cloud infrastructure and we have taken great measures to ensure that the web application and your data is highly secured.

That all sounds good but my security team is still saying we can't have a third party app access our data. Any suggestions?

Yes, we do offer an on-premise option where we will supply you the Report Builder web app to host on an internal server you own.

What security measures are built into Report Builder?

Because we use the Salesforce Analytics API, many of the built in Salesforce security features are already built in. For example, when you log in you will only see the reports you have access to in Salesforce. In addition, we drive off two key permissions in Salesforce: 1) Schedule Reports, 2) View All Data. If you have the Schedule Reports permission, you can use the schedule feature in Report Builder (just like in Salesforce). If you have the View All Data permission, then you can schedule reports for other users.

Can I use Report Builder against my Sandbox instance first to check it out?

Yes, when you log in you can either login to a Production instance or a Sandbox instance.

How do I revoke Report Builder from accessing my Salesforce instance?

Login to Salesforce, click Setup, select My Personal Information, select Personal Information, and then scroll down to OAuth Connected Apps. Now click Revoke on Report Builder.


Can I have the scheduled emails come from our domain (e.g.

Yes. You can also setup Email Authentication with Report Builder to make it so that the emails are officially signed as coming from your domain.