Email Builder - Frequently Asked Questions


How does Email Builder work?

Once you have configured your Salesforce instance, Email Builder receives all emails sent from Salesforce. It quickly stores tracking information about the emails and then sends them out using SendGrid. This increases your deliverability rate and also allows Email Builder to track events that occur with your email - such as whether it was actually delivered or bounced, whether the recipient opened the email, etc. In addition, Email Builder allows you make changes to the content of the email and its recipients. This allows you to override default email templates from Salesforce, send to additional recipients, change the From address, and more.

What is Email Builder? Is it an app on the AppExchange?

No, there is no installation required. You simply configure your Salesforce instance to relay all email through Email Builder. You then log in with your existing Salesforce username and password, grant Email Builder access, and start using it to track and further customize your emails.

How much does Email Builder cost?

Email Builder is free to try for 30 days. After that you can sign up for a paid subscription which offer various features and emails per month. The subscription prices are for your entire organization - meaning we don't charge per user.

Is there a discount for non-profits?

Sorry we currently have just one set of prices - mainly because we don't have much wiggle room in our pricing as we still offer the Freemium version and the paid subscriptions start at just $10 / month for your entire Salesforce organization.

How often do you release new features?

We try to release two major versions each year and then several smaller releases throughout the year.


Does Email Builder store my emails?

Only if you want to and you have a subscription that allows it. Meaning storing and resending emails is only available with the Premium and Unlimited versions and even on those versions you can disable it.

Can I have the emails that come from Email Builder be from our domain (e.g.

Yes, if you are on the Premium or Unlimited subscription, we can set up a white label for you that will allow emails to come from your domain. Note there is some setup required on your side to set up a white label.


Can I cancel or change my subscription?

Yes you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Do each of my users need to have a subscription?

No, your subscription is tied to your entire Salesforce org. Meaning all of your Salesforce users share the same subscription. Note though if you have more than one Salesforce org (such as one for different business units), you will need a subscription for each org.

Do we have to sign up with credit card or can you invoice us?

You can sign up online using your credit card or you can be setup to be invoiced. If you would like to be invoiced, please email and provide the following:

  1. Official company name and address
  2. Email to which we should send the invoice
  3. Subscription you would like to sign up for (Basic, Plus, Premium, Unlimited)*
  4. Payment Method - you can pay either with credit card, check, or ACH

* Our payment terms are NET 30. Also, note for invoicing we only support annual subscriptions, and we do not provide the 10% discount.

What happens if I send more emails than my subscription allows?

Honestly we are pretty lenient with this. If you go over here and there, we won't stop sending out your emails nor will we charge any additional fees. If, however, you are consistently over your limit (or over your limit for a specific month by a lot - meaning thousands), then we will notify you and ask that you upgrade. After we have made 3 attempts to work with you to upgrade your account and it is still not fixed, we will notify you and then discontinue delivery of your email until the issue is resolved.


Do my emails ever leave my Salesforce?

Yes, Email Builder is a standalone web application that runs outside Salesforce in Amazon's cloud environment. Email Builder receives your emails and sends those emails using SendGrid. We do not store your email content unless you configure your account to do so.

How do I know my emails are secure?

Email Builder runs in Amazon's Cloud environment, and we have taken great measures to ensure that the email server, web application, and your emails are highly secured.

My security team is still saying we can't have a third party app access our email. Any suggestions?

Yes, we do offer an on-premise option where we will supply you the Email Builder email server and web app to host on your own server. Note though there are additional costs associated with this option.

Can I use Email Builder against my Sandbox instance first to check it out?

Yes, when you log into Email Builder, you can either log into a Production or Sandbox org. Also, sandboxes are completely free. Meaning you can use all the Email Builder features against a sandbox for free, forever.

What security measures are built into Email Builder?

Users within Email Builder will only see emails they have sent from Salesforce (either manually or via a workflow that was initiated by an action the user has taken). In addition, we drive off two key permissions in Salesforce:

  1. Customize Application
  2. View All Data

If a user has the Customize Application permission, that user can use the Configure feature to further customize email alerts and templates. If a user has the View All Data permission, then that user can see all emails sent from Salesforce, including those sent from other users.